Sydney Producer Hylander Releases His Debut Single "Indigo Child", Featuring DENNIS.

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There’s a certain level of apprehension and excitement that you can only get from hearing undiscovered talent, and Hylander’s debut release “Indigo Child”, featuring DENNIS. is the kind that will give you tingles.

From Sydney, Australia Connor McLeod is a classically trained pianist that started experimenting with synths in his second year of university. He started releasing demos on triple j unearthed last year, which is where Danny Harley of The Kite String Tangle discovered him and signed his track “Indigo Child” to be released through his label Exist. Recordings as part of their Exist. Exclusives VOL001 compilation.

McLeod says that with “Indigo Child” he was trying to articulate sonically, the feeling of “Yearning”. Lyrically, the song perfectly embodies a version of that, following the internal struggle of someone chasing a romantic relationship that will never work again. He continues, it’s a self-imposed limbo we sometimes find ourselves in, with a period of denial or indecision. Particularly through the choruses, this song evokes the desperation and passion that stems from the fear of being left behind.

“…It should feel like you’re on a cliffs-edge staring out into a haze.” - Hylander

Feature vocalist DENNIS. is also an emerging artist who released her debut track “Alive” late last year. They too found each other through unearthed’s infinite database of untapped potential and wrote most of the song together by connecting through email. McLeod emphasized that they embraced the challenge and produced this creative work that they are both extremely proud of.

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