TĀBÖO Releases Their Latin/Trap/Merengue Influenced New Single “Pharaoh (Mamacita)”


TĀBÖO is an international duo based out of California. Their music can be heard on outlets such as Dash Radio, 97.9 KPFK, the Caribbean Broadcasting Network (CBN) and even Radio Disney. Their newest release “Pharaoh (Mamacita)” embodies their multicultural approach by combing English, Spanish, and Portuguese lyrics with a Latin/Trap/Merengue beat fit for the kings.

This song is for anyone that’s ever wanted to stick a feather in their cap and call themselves a “Pharaoh”. It’s about being yourself. Falling in love with your own universe, and the light that you bring to this world. Become your inner king, your inner pharaoh, and for the love of god, don’t let them call you Mamacita.

Featuring dueling male and female vocals, the song boasts a sexy feel good take on a nearly undefinable genre.

Listen to TĀBÖO’s hella DOPE new single “Pharaoh (Mamacita)” right now, stream it on your preferred music service, and connect with the duo on their IG TV profile so you can watch the exclusive music video!

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