Zangba - We Gonna Make It (Prod. by K-Bomb)

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"We Gonna Make It" is a gritty narrative detailing a glimpse into Liberian born Zangba’s teenage years in Southside Jamaica, a rough and tough neighborhood in Queens, New York. Enjoy the track, which was produced by K-Bomb, and stay tuned because our exclusive interview with this talented emcee and author is coming real soon. 

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“We Gonna Make It” Song Lyrics

We Gonna Make It
(we gonna make it y’all)
Yeah, we’re gonna make it

(Verse 1)
A ménage a Trois would be if I did a song with Nicki
And life would be fancy if I went out with Iggy
Fantasized about Alicia for years, then she got married
I grew up on Whitney, Mary, Mariah Carey
Halle Berry broke my heart when I heard she got married
Was in my early 20s struggling to make money
While stick-up kids loading guns to take it from me
I drove responsibly, could’ve end up a crash dummy
Dreams are expensive when you ain't got no money
Mama always showed it but hardly said she love me
A pretty black woman with love she used to hug me
The GODS gave their blessing, growing up was a lesson
And chicks fell in love with my unique way of dressing
Top of my class, I ain't the one to be testing
Pour liquor on the graves of the dead, while they resting
The captain of my ship, I'm the reason why I made it
Doing deliveries for Pops, I can say that I hate it
But still I did it, a bigger man I admit it
It toughen me up, while the street was roughen me up
My whole world ended song by David Ruffin was stuff
Growing up in Jamaica Queens, it was rough
I had brawls on the Ave, thank God I ain't get stabbed
Or shot in the head, God bless the dead
‘Cause I know, it could’ve been me instead

We’re Gonna Make It
(we gonna make it y’all)
Oh nah nah, we’re gonna make it
(we gonna make it y’all)
Oh yeah
We’re Gonna Make It
(we gonna make it y’all)
Oh nah nah, we’re gonna make it
(we gonna make it y’all)

(Verse 2)
And looking back now I'm grateful to still be alive
and in good health, ain't give a fuck what I had to drive
Just as long as I got to my destination safely
Street niggas raised me, I know how being in a cage be
I knew I was Black on a continent with Whites
So, everything was black and white like colors on my dice
And growing up in the ghetto, where you hardly hear hello
A Moor in Venice, a modern-day Othello
My girl at the time was Keisha, a black goddess
Then ‘Toya told to me soften up, I was the hardest
But way before then, I had dreams of being an artist
When I heard Kool G Rap mention Donald Goines
The way how he rapped was fast like Jesse Owens
Had clothes on layaway for months, we were owing
Cookies Department Store, some clothes needed sewing
A single parent, and an immigrant, it's apparent
I was blessed with a God parent, ain't hard of hearing
So, I paid heed to what she was saying (uh huh)
Mama made miracles and spent her whole nights praying
That we live to see tomorrow, after supper we was up for
Hours watching TV, then I was introduced to
the streets way of living, mad friends went to prison
And others went to college, I earned hard-knock knowledge
Experience is the best teacher, nice to meet ya
And how you gonna love a nigga that beats ya
Ya low self-esteem need to go Ma
And to appreciate life drama needs to occur
Little girl, you remind me of Afeni Shakur
When Grandma died, I broke down and started to weep
Just like I did when Sal got murdered in the streets
I was young, thuggin’, reality I was buggin’
You couldn't tell me nothin’, I believed I was somethin’
The sound of my siblings snoring, it was morning
And Keisha had a big ole butt, I was yawning
Reminiscing on the past ya heard
I was a tad-bit conceited… smashin’ birds
What is life though, if you ain't free?
My crew rolling out with surf boards on the roof of their cars
And what do we do, we do it for the love of the GODS
Hail Mary in my darkest hours, got Noah powers
Within an ark, I was protected from bullet showers