Taylor Janzen Arrives With the Stunning Single "Stations"

Taylor Janzen.jpg

Singer-songwriter Taylor Janzen arrives with "Stations", the stunning single off her forthcoming EP, "Interpersonal", which was mastered by Greg Calbi (Julien Baker, Arcade Fire, Big Thief).

A gorgeously raw and honest track, the nineteen-year-old explains the story behind the song- "I wrote Stations in my room when I was 17 about the isolating and complicated feelings when one experiences psychological abuse from a loved one, regardless of the nature of their relationship. I think it was my attempt at breaking silence in a way that I previously didn't think I could. I almost don't really remember writing it because I kinda just emotionally puked it out. I decided early on it would be the perfect first song to debut from the EP in hopes that someone may feel some solidarity through shared experience."

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