Thrillsville Releases Dark Electronic Single, "Second Sleep"


LA based Dark Synth artist Thrillsville has released “Second Sleep”, the debut track off of his upcoming, yet to be named album. “Second Sleep” is following his horror themed debut EP, “Haunt Music”, which spawned the Claymation videos for “In the Hall of the Chainsaw King,” and “Lycanthrope” as well as the 3-D animated video for “Sirens.”

In Thrillsville’s own words about the new single, he says, “Reworking and reinterpreting a song wasn’t a stretch for me. It’s kind of like taking a theme and varying it when I’m composing for film, TV or video games. It’s fun to take the same source material and put it in a completely different musical world. I’ve always loved Stolen Babies’ version of 'Second Sleep' and getting Dominique from SB to add background vocals to my version made it really special for me. It wouldn’t have been right without her. I feel like the dreamy and moody quality of the original rock version translated even better with this dark dance version.”

Listen to “Second Sleep” below and be sure to connect with Thrillsville on his social media.

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