Toronto Electro Pop Artist Nix Shares Her New Single "Tastes Like Sugar"

Nix music.jpg

Toronto-born Nix has a voice that reflects old and new sounds of pop and R&B, having been heavily influenced by 90s-pop divas and old-school crooners. With a rich musical upbringing that included singing in choirs and jazz ensembles, and studying the classical violin for 10 years, music consumed her. At the age of 14, Nix became a published writer after winning a Young Adult poetry competition, which inspired her to fuse her innate writing and vocals talents. Her latest single, "Tastes Like Sugar" is juxtaposing electric pop hits bound to leave you wanting more.

Nix opened up about the inspiration for her song, "Tastes Like Sugar".

She said, "Tastes Like Sugar" was written when I was three months into a romantic relationship, which for me, is the point in time that a budding romance blossoms into something more serious. The lyrics paint a picture of when infatuation and love intersect - it's fun and playful, yet describes the rollercoaster of emotions one may feel as they start to fall in love."

Vibe out to “Tastes Like Sugar” below and connect with Nix on her social media. Also, stay close to DCWS because we’ll be sharing our exclusive Q&A with this talented artist very soon!

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