Up and Coming Rapper Egypxn Releases “Summer Salt”


Up and coming Hip-Hop artist, Egypxn, has just released his new track “Summer Salt.” He delivers a smooth flow with charismatic lyrics about wanting to have a good time with people who are real and genuine. Listeners will be intrigued by this tracks catchy tempo and fresh beat produced by Anteven. This song has nothing but good vibes and should be added to everyone’s summer playlist.

My purpose when making music is to help people feel something. I know what it’s like be numb and out of touch with feelings/emotions, but I want to help others the same way music has inspired me

Egypxn is an artist on the rise and “Summer Salt” is just the beginning of his career. His versatility and combination of different elements in his music attract many different crowds and fan bases. Egypxn is a free thinker who uses his life experience and different world views as inspiration for his music. He aims to use his music to inspire others and help people feel something. He is starting to make his mark on the music industry and should definitely be looked at! 

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