Westchester, NY Singer-Songwriter Lillimure Releases Her New Single "Something"

Lillimure music.jpg

Lillimure is a 19-year old Singer/Songwriter from Westchester, New York. Her music follows her honestly through her experiences, creating an intimate vibe with the listener. Combining hip-hop music's fast-paced lyricism , folk music's storytelling, and soul music's intimate vocals, Lillimure offers a brand new, personal sound. She hopes her music can make people laugh, cry, and feel everything in between.

This talented artist has just released “Something”, the second single from her upcoming album, which will be released in June. If you’re a fan of Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, or Regina Spektor, then you are in for a treat with awesome track. In her own words about “Something”, Lillimure says, "This song was inspired by a series of events that made me feel helpless. It's about finding what resonates with you the most to push through and knowing that there is an educational value to every situation. I hope this song can break the stigma about success- for every notable win, there are more unseen 'losses' and true success comes from overcoming the obstacles you face to do what you love."

Listen to “Something” right now and connect with Lillimure on her website and social media.

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