7fields - Good to See You

7fields is a Berlin-based electronic-folk artist. Behind his sound is a man possessing the unique ´nerd´ gene and who is driven by his urge of musical discovery. Rather than someone who is new to the business, Wolfgang Schrödl is a seasoned musician and composer who looks back on a successful past. He was head of the synthie-pop band Liquido, known for the world-wide and platinum hit “Narcotic”. After the end of Liquido, Schrödl embarked on a different path that lead him back home to himself. The name ´7fields´ represents this journey, indirectly translated from ´Sieben Morgen´, the district of his childhood.

7fields’ first video release is “Good to See You“, it's an indie-folk piece, starting intimate and vulnerable, just to merge into an hypnotic and monotone elegy. A song that opposes standard composition, developing atmosphere rather than representing familiar pop structure.

Get "Good to See You" on iTunes: http://apple.co/2aiq1Uq and Amazon: http://amzn.to/2avuzcP

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