The smallest Creature - Reboot

The smallest Creature is the brainchild of Stefanos Marnerides, with the name starting off as an alias around 2007. At the time, Stefanos was composing and performing small gigs in New York, while also putting together demo recordings with the help of Stefan Held in Brooklyn, NY.

In 2011 Stefanos moved to Larnaca and signed up with Fishbone Records, though that
collaboration ended peacefully later on. Meanwhile, The smallest Creature turned into a power trio with long standing friends and past bandmates Stephanos Nicolaou on the bass and Iacovos Stylianides on the drums. For a brief period Pavlos Chrysanthou joined as a lead guitarist, while Demetris Marnerides accompanied on the guitar and piano occasionally.

"Reboot" is the first single from The smallest Creature's upcoming album due out soon and here's the visual, a live and animated marvel. You can also purchase "Reboot" on iTunes

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