Rod Melancon - Lights of Carencro

It is the mark of great artists to build on past work rather than cover old ground. This is true of Rod Melancon and his upcoming five-song EP, LA 14, for the fledgling innovative label, Blue Élan Records. The first example we brought you of was the gritty “Perry” video, which brought the sound of his Louisianan home to life. Today, we’re proud to bring you “Lights of Carencro,” which blend Rod’s signature combination of alt-country and blues-rock with a visual that leaves no doubt that within the parish lines, things are done a little bit differently.

Told from the perspective of his own father, “Lights of Carencro” is a fiery autobiographical tale of love, loss, and an unapologetic dose of bayou justice. “The song is inspired by the death of my namesake and the events that followed. He was my uncle,” says Rod. He furiously free forms the tale of the accident that claimed his uncles’s life and the ensuing grief, rage, and ultimately, revenge in the aftermath while he and the band are literally locked in a tiny cage.

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