AJJ - Goodbye, Oh Goodbye

For the visual to 'Goodbye, Oh Goodbye', AJJ decided to take a leap of faith and tackle a single shot music video. With no room for error, these clips are often simple in appearance but intricate works of art in execution.

The best single shot videos are the ones that look effortless because it illustrates how much work and preparation went into making the clip. Over the course of three brisk minutes the band pulls off synchronized dance moves in their complimentary primary colored shirts, as a variety of characters and props make their way across the screen, each one adding their small contribution to move the clip along. The band’s deadpan expressions can’t hide the fun they’re having, with their irreverent execution front and center.

It’s the candid ending that really reveals how much hard work was put into planning and executing this video. When the music stops and the last bits of confetti are hitting the ground a voice off camera announces “That was the one!” and the room erupts in euphoric celebration with the band and crew conglomerating together in celebration of their hard work.

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