AKIVA Share Genius Animated Video for Intoxicating New Release "Ammunition"


This track drives at the heart of the decision makers in positions of power, who take lethal decisions with little care of the consequences. Arms deals, corruption, dictators and Orwellian never-ending wars of propaganda stoked the fires for ‘Ammunition’.” Dave MacKenzie, AKIVA 

Produced by Jake Gordon (Skepta, J Hus, Everything Everything), ‘Ammunition’ is AKIVA’s full-blooded roar of defiance, set to a king-sized independent-rock backdrop. It opens with a slick, hypnotic bass-and-drums groove that flowers into a widescreen assault of big guitar lines, horn-like melodic stabs and, unforgettably, that angry yet anthemic vocal. From frontman Dave MacKenzie’s opening “Pay Attention, Pay Attention” salvo through to memorably prophetic lines such as “Before you know it we’ll be arming both sides”, it soon becomes crystal clear that AKIVA have written an important song, full of passion and satirical observation to underscore the fast-shifting, global crisis of our time. And it’s a fantastic rock’n’roll record to boot.

Following the success of the official promo to previous track ‘M.O.D.’, AKIVA returned to brilliant Berlin-based animator Wayne McCauslin to create a sophisticated, absorbing video accompaniment to ‘Ammunition’. McCauslin actually worked on his creation while in Vietnam, where war museums and local tales helped to conjure the imagery that works so effectively with the track. And if you’re fortunate enough to see AKIVA live this summer, you’ll see how the band incorporate the video into their intense performances.

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