HERBIE - The Rush


HERBIE Crichlow is a four times ASCAP-rewarded British artist and songwriter. HERBIE was part of the legendary Cheiron Studio where he wrote the hits "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" and "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" for the Backstreet Boys. He is famous for his collaborations with Denniz Pop, Max Martin, Red One, Robyn and many other hit makers. HERBIE had a big hit with "Right Type of Mood" and is now finally back as a soloist. His songs have been nominated 5 times for a Grammy and has endlessly had international successes as a songwriter.

The new single "The Rush" and video were never meant to be released commercially.  They were originally intended as a gift to his children Carl and Melody. "The song and video have such a strong message, that we convinced HERBIE to release it commercially,” says PRFKT's A & R Mattias Ewald about the song, which is 4:59 minutes long.

HERBIE's description of the song is that it is "- dedicated to my loved ones and all children from a father's point of view. Things I would have had to hear from my own dad but never did ... Living at the moment and above all ... never giving up your dreams ... ever!"

"The Rush" by HERBIE is now available for stream/download on all digital platforms.

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