Check Out "Montreal", the DOPE New Video by NAsSA

NAsSA music.jpg

NAsSA is a Montreal based artist who just released the visual for his debut song ''Montreal''. This is definitely something different for your eyes and ears!

As the years add up and technology advances NAsSA is here to take you to the Moon. This is not music this is teleportation to another atmosphere. I have been patiently waiting for years for my space shuttle to be complete and I am finally here. Rappers nowadays all sound alike with little talent left I have it all. I call myself The Hybrid for I do not only make rap music, but I can explore the world of imagination more than your favorite rapper. Very soon this planet will be mine so stay tuned “Earth” Kepler is coming... - NAsSA Kepler

Watch the Carlos Guerra-directed video for “Montreal” right now and be sure to connect with NAsSA on IG. Also, be sure to stay close to DCWS because our exclusive interview with NAsSA is coming very soon!

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