Check Out Reno Steel's DOPE New Video "Game On"

Reno Steel Photo.JPG

Philly native Reno Steel is an 80’s baby who has been rapping since the age of 13 and has a career that spans over 15 years. He is one of the hottest hip-hop artists in the city and is on a mission to help people liberate their minds through the power of music.

Reno has grit and hustle that he brings to every track and every performance. He has smooth delivery with intricate lyrics and demolishes tracks with such songs as “Taking Me Up” and “Crunch Time”. Any athlete can warm up or work out to his latest single “Game On, which embodies the heart and soul of a baller on the court striving for their goals. Reno is an artist that is continuing to rise, and you will want to press your ear to your speaker for “Game On”.

Check out the DOPE new visual to “Game On” right now and connect with Reno Steel on Instagram.

Connect with Reno Steel: Instagram