Detroit Based Creative Collective The Lobby Shares Their New Music Video "Flavors"

The Lobby music.jpg

The Lobby is an upcoming creative collective hailing from Detroit. Consisting of six members (Demigod, Freebxll Rome, Freebxll Will, Joseph Cook, Kerwin Clemens, & Milf Melly), the group was formed in 2017 when the members met through school and the local performance scene, meeting in Joseph Cook's basement which they called 'The Lobby' because of how the couches were sat up, making it resemble a waiting room.

Their latest single “Flavors” is accompanied by a Preston Kue directed music video, lookbook, comedy sketch, and a retro 8-bit PC game ( The six-man collective is determined to change the direction of modern music, aiming to defy genres along the way, wielding nothing but some ice cream, a sense of humor, and a little bit of rage.

Watch The Lobby’s music video for “Flavors” below, stream the song on Spotify, and connect with Demigod, Freebxll Rome, Freebxll Will, Joseph Cook, Kerwin Clemens, and Milf Melly on their social media. Also, stay close to DCWS because our exclusive interview with the crew is coming very soon.

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