Dive Into Neon Madness as Russian Pop Princess Annie Sollange Destroys LA Guys in “About You” Music Video

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Russian by nature, New Yorker by heart, Annie Sollange brings ruthless energy in all aspects of her music. A revenge song turned into anti-dating app anthem, the “About You” video, directed by Lara Aslanian and created with EQRIC is a technicolored dream showcasing a new flavor of pop music.

Born In Moscow, Russia Annie Sollange packed her bags to the States chasing her dreams of becoming a pop icon like her biggest influences Celine Dion & Mariah Carey. Leaving everything behind, she moved to the Big Apple to become the queen of the underground conquering the biggest nightclubs of New York including Webster Hall, LAVO, Highline Ballroom among many others.

After polishing her skills as a writer and performer, Sollange took her shot at The Golden Coast for studio sessions, and because “songs are easier to write under the palm trees when your crystals are charged” and she never went back.

"LA hit me like a magic rollercoaster - I auditioned for Idol within 2 months of living here and got the golden ticket, but the most wild part of the story is that getting out of competition was a bigger influence on me, I was so inspired to do better that I dived into endless writing sessions and the first song I worked on - "GEMINI" with BEAUZ got signed to a Dutch label ATLAST and passed a million streams on Spotify which was a huge break for me."

The following releases saw continued success. “Falling For You,” released through the U.K. label NCS, hit over a million views on YouTube in one week. After a few releases on European labels including "Ready For The Summer" with Sony Sweden, Annie made her return to ATLAST records with "About You". Now the queen of broken hearts and heavy drops has over 2 million streams on Spotify while staying as an independent artist.

My songwriting style evolved a lot in LA. I chose to speak truth through my music, I’m now making lyrics descriptive and fact-based opposite of my abstract and poetic music.” Combining sugar-coated vocals with unyielding production, Sollange brings unrelenting power to pop that leaves you wanting more. She continues to maximize her growth with massive collaborations on the way (Jonny Koch, Deep Chills, Volt, Kovan & more) all in anticipation for her debut EP coming later this year.

Sollange possess powerful, irreverent energy with every release. The “About You” video is filled with neon rainbow colors in homage to the LGBT community's influence on her confidence and the boldness of the artist she is today. “About You” marks Sollange’s first transition into pop and gives us just a taste of what this dazzling pop icon is bringing this year.

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