DOPEST Video of the Week - "Afterglow" by Audra Santa

Audra Santa feature.jpg

Our new DOPEST Video of the Week, “Afterglow”, comes from Toronto based mixed-media trip-hop, pop, soul, and rock singer/songwriter Audra Santa. “Afterglow” shines as one of Audra’s most raw, intimately-told and empowering works of art yet, and follows her last single “Cruel” (stream HERE).

“Afterglow” is Audra’s directorial debut and explores themes of intimacy, control, connection, and the marks lovers leave on each other after they're gone. Cinematic and expressive, Audra combines trip-hop, soul, and 90's rock with stunning visuals and a gripping storyline.

The video is an amorously macabre masterpiece, further juxtaposed by a radiant Audra basking in the sun’s golden hour. The push/pull holds viewers glued as she deftly ‘goes there’, invoking undertones of the #metoo movement and asserting themes of power, dominance, and a female taking control back into her own hands.

If you’re a fan of Portishead or Evanescence, then you will love Audra’s new single and video “Afterglow”, so watch it below and stream it on Spotify as well. Also, connect with Audra on her website and social media and stay tuned because our exclusive interview with this talented artist is coming very soon.

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