DOPEST Video of the Week: "LOUD" by Billy BOAT

Billy BOAT - LOUD.png

Our new DOPEST Video of the Week comes from rap artist and current Yale student, Billy BOAT. As one of New Haven’s finest, he presents to the world the visuals for his new single, “LOUD”, directed by Christina Carrafiell. When Billy gets to work, he prefers his songs to be filled with classy sounds and vibrant rhymes that paint an amazing picture to the world. Fun wordplay and analogies aside, the content of his lyrics is really what stands out and compels listeners to come back for more. Furthermore, his simple visuals brings his words to the forefront. Produced by HITMAN, “LOUD” is definitely a track worth listening to.

Watch “LOUD”, our DOPEST Video of the Week, right now and be sure to connect with Billy BOAT on his social media.

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