Gert Taberner - Fallen

Having grown up in Germany while being exposed to English-speaking culture ensured that, shortly after finishing school, Gert Taberner moved to Vancouver, BC, where he cultivated his musical abilities, especially in terms of songwriting. With his music, he  strives to compensate for what he feels interpersonal relationships these days lack or misinterpret: the concept of intimacy.

After completing work on his first record, he set off seeking different challenges, which led him to New York, where he is currently located and has released his first published work. Heavily influenced by the likes of Damien Rice, Paul Simon, and many more, the songs on his debut EP "Fallen" seek to convey  yearning and hope, contrasted by a strong sense of disillusionment. Here's the visual of the title track from Gert Taberner's debut EP. Be sure to stream/download "Fallen" from our Releases page.

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