Janey Street - (I’m Not) The Girl I Used to Know

Janey Street is an American singer and songwriter born and raised in New York City. As an artist, she’s recorded several albums in her early career for Warner Brothers / Reprise, Capitol Records and also for Arista Records under the guidance of legendary music mogul Clive Davis. She’s spent many years on the road playing small clubs and 20,000-seat venues through out the US and Canada. She opened for the Bee Gees, Richie Havens, and John Hammond Jr., to name a few. Perhaps most well-known is her single “Under The Clock,” which was a Billboard Top 20 A/C hit, as well as receiving rotation on VH1.

For the new video “(I’m Not) The Girl I Used To Know,” Janey takes an introspective look at herself and the many lessons she’s learned in her life. Seen through the eyes of Janey, inspired by a young girl outside the coffee shop where she sits, it’s a touching journey from past to present. A smattering of photos from the past several decades come across the screen in a collage while Janey and her band perform for an eager crowd. Returning to the scene at the coffee shop, Janey comes outside to find the young girl sharing a tender moment with Janey’s loving dog. Though their exchange is brief, Janey sees a little bit of herself in the child, knowing that as long as the journey has been, the best days are still ahead of her.

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