Justina Valentine - Suga Daddy

Justina Valentine's newest single, “Suga Daddy,” is just the latest offering from her fiendishly fantastic full-length, Scarlet Letter. After a slew of singles including “Muse,” “All The Way” feat. FUTURISTIC, “Candy Land” feat. Fetty Wap, and “Faded,” it’s a tall order to deliver something that maintains such a high bar. With it’s minimalist production, sultry performances, and an exotic composition channeling eastern music, “Suga Daddy” is everything it needs to be while brilliantly not being what anyone expects it to be.

The “Suga Daddy” video is a lavish piece of cinema, featuring Justina indulging in the finer things in life. All of this compliments of the illustrious black card provided to her by her man. She uses her beauty and her charm to her full advantage, assuring that the purse strings aren’t the only thing she has a tight grip on. Luxury cars, piles of cash, mulit-million dollar homes, and even an albino python are all examples of the opulence she has surrounded herself with. This mutually beneficial relationship walks the line between cold calculation and genuine emotions with striking perfection.

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