Keldamuzik - Queen For A Night

Recording artist, writer, businesswoman, actress, model, television personality, and public speaker, Keldamuzik, brings a necessary spark to light up the entertainment industry. She’s exactly what the public has been waiting for and identifies herself as a well rounded entertainer to sum it up. She entertains audiences with her original sound, as well as introduces dynamic talent through other aspects of her brand, from film projects to her talk show. No one denies Kelda’s accomplishments and her devotion to explore all aspects of the entertainment industry. She has dropped music hits in a variety of genres ranging from Pop, to RnB, to Reggae. Kelda sets herself apart from other talent, based on her versatility and able to not only be in front of the camera, but behind the scenes as well. Diva Talk Tonite, Kelda’s latest endeavor is a talk show that features a panel of guests to discuss current events ranging from fashion, health, pop culture, education, entertainment and social issues. 

"Queen For A Night" is Keldamuzik's glamorous new Cinderella inspired video dedicated to all women who have their moment of being "Queen For A Night". Enjoy!