LA Based Singer-Songwriter Juliette Irons Shares Her New Video "Lighthouse"

Juliette Irons music.jpg

Juliette Irons is a Canadian singer-songwriter, and choreographer originally from Toronto, who moved to LA 10 years ago to pursue a career in dance and music. Juliette now travels the country choreographing and teaching contemporary dance, as well as playing shows at different venues around the LA area.

"Lighthouse" is Juliette's first official single off an up-coming EP entitled "Out of the Blue". After she wrote the song and worked with producer Gabe Lehner (9 Theory), Juliette followed a strong intuition and flew to Iceland alone to create this visual. Along with Iceland native OZZO, - the cinematographer - this visual was created on a 3 day journey.

In speaking about the single/video, Juliette says, “Lighthouse is a song I wrote about my experience with depression, loneliness and anxiety. I flew to Iceland by myself to create this visual. I felt a calling to go there. I had a mysterious sense that it was the place that would be able to translate what I was trying to say, through the striking beauty of the land itself, and the vastness of it - with me alone as one tiny person”.

Watch Juliette’s visual for “Lighthouse”, right now, and stream the single on Spotify. Also, connect with Juliette on her social media so you’ll know when “Out of the Blue” will be released!

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