Lord OLO - DIRTY30

Lord OLO, born Malik Habbeb-Ullah in Akron, Ohio and now based in Seattle, was always a musician at heart. At 5 he remembers seeing the Eminem video "The Way I Am" and watching MTV Cribs. He always wanted to be a rapper.

"I rapped in my head until my third grade teacher one day gave me the bright idea.  We were doing a test on a book we read I was done first and asked her what should I do until everyone else is finished. She said write a story, write a book, and looked at me with wide eyes and said write a rap! So my third Grade teacher is responsible for the monster at hand."

"I loved rap but I loved my Grandma more and I thought rapping was a sin because I understood the content was fucked up but it was dope.my Grandma was a Christian woman and my biggest role model I just respected how she was always so peaceful but down to earth like she barely laughed  but she did.  I never stopped writing since then.  9th grade year was the first time I started producing inspired by only Kanye West Lex Luger and Tyler the creator a lot my sound was forming itself slowly but surely. By 10th grade I recorded my first tape Novus and then two years later with not as much motivation I released the tape L O R D."

"I Would do music no matter how hard life got because I literally have only music left." Here's Lord OLO's new visual for his track DIRTY30, off his recently released album "Goldenfist", available for stream/download on our Releases page.

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