Maryama - Where The Mermaids Are

While growing up in her native of Iran and in a multi-cultural family, Maryama (Maryam Mirbagheri) studied guitar with rock stars such as Ardavan Anzabipour and Homayoun Majdzadeh and soon continued her journey as a young girl in North California. This unique blend of cultures has allowed her to craft a unique sound that brilliantly distorts the line between jazz, soul and world music. She now calls Los Angeles home, but her Iranian roots still bleed through in her music in the most magical way. Case in point is her new single, “Where The Mermaids Are,” which will be sure to have you swaying back and forth as you imagine yourself weightless, floating in a sea of serenity.

Maryama is proud to feature a multicultural and diverse group of musicians and tell a story of unity and peace. From underground music scene of Iran to big stages of Los Angeles, she has relied on music to show her power and influence as a woman and as an immigrant. You can hear this unique collection of stories in Maryama’s upcoming album “Where the Mermaids Are”(named after the single) which is mixed by 3 times Grammy Award winning Marc Urselli and Mastered by 3 times Grammy Award winning John Greenham.

“Where The Mermaids Are” is a beautifully hypnotic track that seduces any of its listeners into a trance. The video is equally transformative with its impressive cinematic quality and show of artistic aptitude. Maryama can be seen drifting through a sea of purples, blues and reds while the worldly strums of a Setar and the enthralling quality of Maryama’s voice pulls you into a reverie. This video takes on the quality of the Sirens from Greek Mythology, and is equally as magnetic as the tale tells. The calming waters and the care-free attitude of the video’s dwellers will have its viewers heading to the beach at dawn to get lost in a million different sensations. The video is symbolic and a metaphor in itself which can take many different meanings depending on the listener. This gives the audience the power to be unique and have their own take on this sound visual world.

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