Matt Boroff - What A Shame

Matt Boroff is an American-born, Austria-based artist who excels luring audiences into new and exciting terrain, from cinematic noise-rock to gardens of indie-rock ambience. His newest album, Grand Delusion, is his most formidable and forward-thinking album to date. The first single, “What A Shame,” is a meticulously crafted tune that feels gritty and earthy, but also entirely accessible thanks to a minimalist execution that keeps it focused and forward-moving.

“What A Shame” is a video that will rattle your ears and treat your eyes to a stimulating blast of colors and originality.  At the core, “What A Shame” revolves around Matt performing in a cavernous white room. With a blank palette as his disposal, Matt and director Karin Bleiweiss saturate the screen with a mind bending assortment of imagery, reminiscent of early music videos of the late 1960s. 

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