Watch Eric Contractor's New 80's Era MTV Inspired Visual for "Working Dude"

Eric Contractor.png

Eric Contractor is an NYC based alternative rock artist who just dropped the 80's MTV era inspired video for his song "Working Dude". Eric's new video, directed by Chris Westenberger, has maximal color, and features all kinds of absurdist visuals meant to be fun. It's also meant to be a commentary on our media saturated, personality driven culture. The song itself mixes a modern flair with the unique stylings of the Talking Heads and Depeche Mode. In speaking about the song, Eric says that,    

“Ultimately, it’s a catchy song with a strong groove that I think works on every level of depth or superficiality. When watching the video, I want people to be taken for a ride with its dizzying light show and wild escapism, while also thinking about what drives us to seek this escape.

On some level, I hope people feel the upbeat mood of the chorus contrasting with the images of isolation, between pepped-up motivation jam and deeper introspection. The dance between confidence and fragility that may exist in all of us. Fun and energy along with the darkness lurking beneath these things all around us."

We've featured Eric's innovative music before and always look forward to seeing and hearing what's next from this talented artist.

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