RaH - Black Lambo feat. DJ Khaled

RaH is an RnB crooner originally hailing from Detroit but now calling Los Angeles home. And what a home it has become! In just the short time he has been out west he has been hustling hard, and making a name for himself with both industry insiders and fans alike. 

With his new “Black Lambo” video, featuring the iconic DJ Khaled, he is giving fans a taste of his upcoming new album, Jackets In Malibu. He had an endless stream of great music influencing him from a young age: Bollywood movies, Kanye, Eminem, T.I., Jay Z, Usher, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Ashanti, Diddy, and more. But it was Slum Village’s self-titled album that inspired him to start writing verses and hooks in the 8th grade. This studious approach to his craft, along with teaming up with DJ Khaled have put RaH in a position to approach his sound with not just immeasurable talent but also a cerebral aspect.

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