Soles Of Passion - Say I Will

Soles Of Passion is a progressive country/rock band with a mission. The duo, composed of Myla Snow and Steven Wolfe, create country music about America and put it into context with the current socioeconomic climate of the country. We’ve already shared several of their songs like “Tax Slave” and “Got Me Surrounded” that are full of hope and sympathize with Americans who have suffered economic hardships from the recession and faced foreclosure by merciless banks. In that tradation we are happy to bring you their most ambitious video yet, the artistically invigoration “Say I Will.”

Soles Of Passion send an important message through electrifying political rock songs that is upbeat, honest, and easy to dance to. The music that they create inspires people who are in the process of losing or have already lost their homes to fight back. The Freedom Assistance Foundation (FAF) was created by Soles of Passion to help those people take action.

With so much exceptional content on their new album Escape From Jurisdiction B,there’s a deep well to pull from. This time around they have forgone appearing on camera (save for a caricature cameo) in favor of a video chock full of inspiration and pushing a platform of socioeconomic justice.

For the “Say I Will” video, Soles Of Passion found a creative way to tell their story that is always worth hearing. The entire clip is a clever creation using a timelapse overhead view of an animator animating many of the causes SoP champion. Whether it be the corrupt finance world, chronic homelessness or violence against minorities, each one is animated into a one of a kind piece of art. Though many of the panels paint troubling pictures, the overarching theme of the video is that love conquers all and when it is all said and done it is the will of the people who will be the real agents of change in this country.

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