Video Premiere: Ayye Moe Releases His New Single/Video "Came To Do"

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Ayye Moe is a hip-hop artist, producer and a former basketball player raised in Northeast, Washington, DC.

The artist played four years of college basketball and one season professionally. However, after his lone pro season, he returned home to Washington, DC, and decided that he wanted to chase his true passion: music.

Ayye Moe picked up a microphone in the summer of 2017 and has not looked back since. He began to study the DMV music scene and traveled to multiple studios in the area in order to study the local blooming artist scene. He attended numerous music recording sessions of future DC, Maryland and Virginia greats in order to study their techniques and styles. He has been in the studio with musicians such as, Al Chike, Lightshow, and many more. Ayye Moe’s main musical inspirations come from the artist Al Chike (Washington, DC), Jones Boy (from St. Louis, MO) and POET (from Kennet, MO). Ayye Moe has incorporated a few of their techniques into his own music to form his unique style which consists of a melodic, crooning approach with substance-filled lyricism.

Ayye Moe just released his new single/video “Came To Do”, which he filmed in New York City. In his own words about “Came To Do”, he says, “the song is a club/party song that is about talking to a woman in the club who already has a man. However, you still go up to her and begin to talk to her. You find out that she is interested in you as well”.

We’re really digging Ayye Moe’s new release “Came To Do”, and you will too, so watch it right now and stream it on Spotify. Also, be sure to connect with Ayye Moe on his social media and check out more of his music on Soundcloud.

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