Visionary Artist Zachary Murdock Shares His Stack Moses Directed Video "Why Can't You Just Be Here?"

Zachary Murdock music.jpg

Who is Zachary Murdock and why does that name sound familiar? If you research his work you find that he has been a part of many extraordinary projects, ranging from future-pop collective Smokey Robotic to his latest endeavor Channel the Sun, a collective of creators that defies definition. But who is he and what does he do? Well, he's a poet. A singer. A rapper. A visionary. And he claims that him and his crew are on to something that will change the world. We'll see about all that but in the meantime, here is his first single and video of 2019, "Why Can't You Just Be Here?" directed by his new manager and creative director Stack Moses. Who is Stack Moses and why does that name sound familiar? And on and on it goes...

Make sure to check out Zachary's album SCØUT available now on all platforms and stay tuned for his next major project ÊLECTRIC BIBLË coming 11/23/2019.

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