Watch "Helped My Heart", the DOPE New Visual by West Side Chicago Artist/Producer Geedomane

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Geedomane is an artist/producer from the West Side of Chicago. Beginning his musical journey on the bass guitar before expanding his skill set to electric guitar, beat production and rapping, Geedomane wrote, recorded, performed, mixed, mastered, and produced his debut release: "Vanquish" entirely alone. Thus far, it has been picked up by various publications and has had pretty solid reviews. Focusing in on his emotions and letting all his creativity be free as an artist as well as an overall musician, it is exciting to see what Geedomane will have to offer in the time to come.

After years of producing for different acts, he finally decided to write out what he's been going through an with that we have his debut project entirely written, recorded, and produced by Geedomane himself.

Geedomane’s latest track and video “Helped My Heart” is about finding love and losing it. Geedomane once believed that love was not important to him but he found someone who showed him different. Now that this person is gone, Geedomane is only left with memories as he uses this song as a reflection of what once was.

Watch “Helped My Heart” below and stream the track on Spotify. Also, be sure to connect with Geedomane on his social media so you’ll know when he’ll be dropping his next banger.

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