Yaysh Unleashes New Reggae-Pop Influenced Single and Video "Get 2 Kno Me"

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“Get 2 Kno Me” is a romantic, reggae-pop song about falling in love. Freestyled out of both joy and sadness and in a reflection of a culture increasingly afraid to fall in love, Yaysh explores the notions of vulnerability, self-esteem, lovemaking, and the overarching fearlessness of diving headfirst into a romantic relationship with her new single and accompanying music video.

The track simultaneously offers a certain level of depth, present in the lyrics, as well as a more mellow, relaxing, positive vibe drawn from the reggae-pop influence of the track. Yet despite the calming vibe, the track is provocative, made even more so by the accompanying music videos (so provocative, in fact, that a censored and uncensored version are needed).

The video uses nudity to further spread Yaysh’s artistic message of vulnerability, both through mock love scenes and lighter comedy, leaving a lasting impression to say the least.

Nudity is being used as metaphor and message for baring it all because being naked is a form of completely showing yourself, at least on a physical level. It is a sign of inherent confidence in being human, that there is nothing wrong with who we are, nothing wrong with love, love making, being completely naked and showing your entirety and letting people judge.  We deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin and to make love and enjoy ourselves and being human fully!” – Yaysh
Of course, alongside her message of love, Yaysh also emphasizes diversity, tying back to her idea that you have to bare it all to truly find love, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.
We deserve to celebrate our bodies and our beauty and sexuality and feel at home with who we are. We don't need to be ashamed.” – Yaysh
The challenge to the listener and viewer is to take a leap, take a chance and be yourself unabashedly and from there, love, joy, acceptance and warmth follow towards oneself and the world.  Everyone in this video is offering a gift to the viewer of their own vulnerability. It's a Big Message.” – Yaysh

See the uncensored version HERE

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