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Shotski formed out of a drunken late night bar conversation between Clark Phillips (Guitars/Vocals) and Brandon Graviet (Bass/Backup Vocals) discussing their passion for rock and roll. Quickly adding Conner Smick (Drums) into the mix (Conner was a childhood friend of Clark's family), the band started experimenting with their musical direction until they honed in on a sound that was both unique to them but still had the familiar vibes of a three piece indie/alt band.

Each band member comes from a different musical direction: Clark - Punk/indie Brandon - Soul/Indie Conner - Lofi Garage Rock/Metal, the band has taken their unique mix of influences to find something that works for them but is appealing to a new listener. The band is firmly about putting on a good show/having a good time - something that all three members feel that rock and roll has forgotten.


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