GET TO KNOW: Lando Ameen

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Orlando Johnson, also known for his stage name Lando Ameen, is a 19-year-old hip-hop recording artist, producer, songwriter and engineer.  Following his dreams and love of music Lando Ameen relocated to Atlanta, GA to attend SAE Institute were he is studying to earn his associates degree in Audio Engineering.  Relocating to Atlanta from Detroit, MI wasn’t a hard choice at all says Lando Ameen. “When you are passionate about your dreams and goals you take leaps of faith to see them come true”.  Taking leaps of faith is exactly what Lando has been doing.  

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Lando has a background as a lyricist starting back in elementary school writing poetry.  His love for music ventured him into taking his poetry further by making music. By the 8th grade Lando was writing his own songs.  Shortly after he was mixing his own projects, and by the time he graduated High School Lando had already written, produced, master and put out 4 projects titled Dr. Awkward, Nova, Hereditary and Cogent.  Lando attended Cass Technical High School located in downtown Detroit. It was through Cass Tech that Lando was given the opportunity to be featured in Big Sean and Addida’s studio themed shoe commercial.  Lando Ameen is more than just another young Hip Hop Artist chasing dreams. He is a well established Producer, Songwriter and Engineer who is working diligently to show the world all that he has to offer through his gifts and talents. 

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