GET TO KNOW: Autumn Kings

Autumn Kings was thrilled to find out that in summer 2016 they were selected to tour Canada for 4-months out of 118 bands that applied to be a part of the 'LiveDifferent' 100-show high school tour; but this ambitious group of youngsters and their modern-rock sound have been building a buzz in the Canadian music scene since they started touring last year.

Excited as they were with the music they were creating, the band never anticipated the excitement that industry reps and fans alike found for their music. Within 3 weeks of releasing their self-titled EP, they moved almost 1000 copies. Their 5-song EP hit college radio, charting on several stations across Canada - eventually peaking at #37 on the top 50 national charts. The band is in rotation on stations from 88.7FM in Windsor, ON to 105.1 The Bear in Fort Saint John, B.C.

"What separates Autumn Kings from other bands that I've worked with is their age, professionalism, live show, and most importantly, their songwriting skills", comments producer Martin Bak, who has helped notable acts such as The Tea Party, Priestess, and Big Sugar, to hone in their sound. "They are one of the hardest working bands I've seen, and there's no doubt in my mind that those guys are going to make it far", Bak concludes. Local promoter and club owner Seth Perera notes, "Autumn Kings take ownership of the stage, and are experts at engaging the crowd. Their EP release show was sold out, and a successful night by all accounts." Blackburn radio program director Luke Nugent from 96.7 FM Windsor quotes, "Autumn Kings are operating on a whole different level. One of the most promising young rock acts I've seen. Not only are their songs killer, but they are absolute dynamite live. It's a through and through genuine rock show. An adrenaline rush that will fire you up. Essentially we are seeing a group who is just on a different level than any other up and coming act. Seeing the magic before they are catapulted onto the world stage."

Since the band's inception in 2015, they have shared the stage with national touring acts such as Sublime with Rome, Pop Evil, Mutemath, U.S.S and Gob. They have their sights set on touring U.S.A in the new year while continuing to perform across Canada, in notable venues such as the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, whom the band have developed a great relationship with. With the bulk of early 2017 scheduled for recording their debut album, Autumn Kings is finalizing spring touring plans for Michigan, Ohio, Ontario and more states and provinces. "We couldn't be more excited to release our first full length in March and tour extensively on it", Diab remarks. Coccimiglio adds, "We did a lot of writing for this album while on the road, and took a lot of influences from the places we toured and people we met. For that reason the songs are very diverse. We are super proud of the music, and hope the fans dig it as much as they did our EP".

'What it boils down to,' says Diab, 'Is that we are 4 equally driven guys who live to play music for the people who enjoy it. There is nothing like having a fan come up to you during meet-and-greets to tell you that you've inspired them to want to start a band, and pursue music seriously - or that you helped them overcome a difficult obstacle in their life.  When I was 14 years old, I was inspired by bands like Billy Talent and Rise Against to change my life for the better and start a band.  If we can continue to inspire the next generation of kids, while helping people of any age through a tough time, then we feel we have done our job as musicians and people."

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