GET TO KNOW: Bam Richie

"The Midwest Movement has just got serious" 

Bam Richie was born on the west side of Detroit, MI. He was known to his friends and family as William Kristopher Stallworth III. Bam Richie began to learn first hand the ups and downs of life. He was influenced by his environment and the harsh realities of the world. Set on a task to speak his truth of life seen through his eyes. Bam Richie manage to start writing at the age of 7. Later, after recording for the first time when he was 14, he knew he found his passion! After graduating high school he took his craft to the next level by attending Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. Pursuing a degree in Recording Arts. There he learned the essentials of making music. Showing off his talent in numerous rap battles and producer contest, Bam Richie became popular amongst his peers.

Coached and guided by industry professionals, he quickly developed his talents and recorded and mixed well over 100 songs. Earning him the nickname "Mr. Song A day" by those closest to him. Bam Richie continued his career and made a name for himself by collaborating with local artist and bands across the sunshine State. Cities such as Orlando, Tampa, Miami and other major music areas has been graced with Bam Richie's presence and he was welcomed with nothing but love! 

Now Bam Richie is back home in Metro Detroit, networking and building his brand. Working with some of the finest musicians, producers and engineers the city has to offer. The direction this Artist/Performer is headed  is untouchable and sky is the limit!

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