GET TO KNOW: Echo Texture

Echo Texture is that little sliver between amazing and indie.  It began as the vehicle for releasing music by singer/songwriter Jalal Andre, craftily inspired by the soulful sounds he experienced as a child in Brasil and the post-punk and surf rock-riffs that would later consume him as a teen in California.

Pulling Stuart Taylor's melodic riffage on bass and Julian Ledgerwood’s aggressive, bohemian jungle rock rhythms, the resulting crunchy, over-driven, muscular and dynamic sound is the acoustic chronicle of a self-doubting generation disaffected by unfeeling technology and political ennui..

After one year of experimenting, the trio has settled on a contemporary sound with obvious connections to prior genres of music.  With their first, full-length LP "Inter-Sting" released in December 2016, the band is looking to tour the West Coast this year and expand their following. 

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