GET TO KNOW: Guy Grogan

Guy Grogan is a critically acclaimed, prolific, award-winning songwriter and one-man-band based in Santa Fe, NM. He creates pop sensible, singular material that ranges from hushful midnight jazz to anthem-bashing rock. Lyrically, he explores the heart space between hopeful yearning and bitter loss, expressing a voice that he hopes is not just his own.

Guy paid his dues as any other young aspiring musician would by playing in different bands during high school and throughout college–where he completed his formal musical education at the University of Memphis. He got his first real-world taste of the music business while interning at Ardent Studios for indie-rock icon, Jody Stephens, drummer for the seminal 70s band, Big Star.

Guy restarted writing, performing and recording his own music in 2010 after a life-changing event. Prior to resurrecting his musical ambitions he was just another liberal arts casualty gradually sinking into the inevitable trappings of adulthood. He is now, once again, a devoted practitioner of his craft.

Guy has self-released and produced 10 albums to date, garnering references to Elliot Smith, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Bob Dylan, Dinosaur Jr, The Beatles, Rivers Cuomo, and Guided By Voices—flattering and, in some cases, surprising comparisons since Guy admittedly has limited visibility on what he actually sounds like: “Knowing what you sound like is kind of like looking into the mirror…you see yourself, but don’t have a real sense of what you look like to the rest of the world.” While hard at work on his albums, Guy has been the recipient of numerous songwriting awards granted by organizations such as Indie International, Song of the Year, American Song-writing Awards, and the UKSC. In early 2016 Guy released “Dynamite Bouquet”, which was hailed as “one of the indie’s best kept secrets....”, received overwhelmingly positive reviews and heavy rotation on college radio.

Immediately after “Dynamite’s” release, Guy plunged right back into writing and recording his tenth record: “Glitter in the Gears.” As with his previous albums, he tracked all the parts himself, but recruited local award-winning Santa Fe musician and producer, Dennis Jasso at Fw Studios, to handle the mixing and mastering duties. The net result is a record that retains Guy’s trademark DIY vitality, but possesses a finesse and production quality his songs richly deserve.

Like his previous albums, Glitter in the Gears, is not genre-specific. There are certainly hooky pop-rockers like “Just Don’t Know” and “Anatomy of a Crush” that, for lack of a more accurate category, qualify as “indie rock”, but the gentler, more intimate tracks like “House for the Leaving” and “Stick the Landing” reside well outside that territory. As Guy puts it: “It’s what the Beatles did so well from mid-career on... their work was so wide-ranging. Their records covered miles and miles of musical terrain. I’m not nearly as adept, but it’s a very inspirational model and one that I think will keep me busy for as many years as I have as a songwriter and musician.

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