GET TO KNOW: Jacob Didas

Jacob Didas grew up in Buffalo, New York as the middle child of five kids in a very close-knit family. Early on, Jacob was troubled with intense anxiety and turned towards music to privately release this energy. Starting with piano at ten and classically trained throughout his teen years, he came to the realization that improvisation and jazz struck a chord within him that he couldn’t ignore.

While earning his Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in his hometown, he co-currently enrolled in the Army ROTC at Canisius College, which in turn paid for his education. During college, he realized his personal battles were reaching a boiling point so Jacob turned to music as his companion. Rap, Rock, Reggae/Ska and R&B were the main genres that heavily influenced him, becoming a beacon of hope within his ongoing struggle. After overcoming his battles he had a desire share the lessons he learned.  And so his desire to write and record original music spawned and became the focus of his passion.

After college, the Army stationed him at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu which gave him a different atmosphere for his abilities and his new-found journey of becoming a musician to flourish. While working twelve hour shifts as a psychiatric nurse, he worked closely with soldiers coming back from war which gave him the opportunity to help others who were also struggling. Taking his experiences thus far, he spent his evening shifts writing lyrics and his days off building a home studio all while honing his craft.

Because Jacob’s love is for great music and not limited to a specific genre, his album reflects elements from many different genres that have influenced him, the foremost being hip-hop. His vocals are sometimes very quickly-paced, and stand out just enough as to not overshadow the rest of the complex instrumental arrangements. Jacob’s songs seek to spread a message of love, and togetherness in a world where people all share the same anxieties. His work attempts to provide hope and a means of escape though beautiful music.

If you are a fan of Twista, Bone Thugs N Harmony, P.O.D., Shinedown, Less Than Jake, Linkin Park and Story of the Year, then you should check out Jacob Didas and his life journey to better himself as a person with his positive message and his music.

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