GET TO KNOW: January Zero

January Zero is the musical collective created by, and presenting the songs of, Gareth Phillips. He began writing and recording music in college, and pursued the discipline through the MFA program at George Mason University. After completing his degree there, he entered a period of in-depth process discovery, during which he produced a sequence of demos, slowly evolving versions of the songs which would eventually comprise The Long Radio Silence. During this time, his style and preoccupations developed under the influence of artists from various media, and he considers his work as much in debt to the likes of David Lynch, T.S. Eliot, and Guy DeBord, as to his more audible musical forebears.

The Long Radio Silence, January Zero's debut release, was recorded at he Cellar, Gareth's home studio. There, the fluid melodies and sometimes sparse, sometimes lush guitar orchestrations became layered with rich harmonies and otherworldly, distorted synth voices. The songs were subsequently edited and mixed by the acclaimed songwriter and producer Jim ll, of Backseat Productions, in Ann Arbor Michigan. rstwhile NOMO percussionist Dan Piccolo also introduced hi formidable skills the projec during this process. In March of 2014, January Zero released The Long Radio Silence, a collection of wistful musings on loss and the ironies of self-discovery. The title refers as much to the ice age of development through which the songs survived, as it does to as the abiding absence of connection in our ironically plugged-in world. January Zero is now recording its second LP, which Gareth intends to release in the spring of 2018.

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