GET TO KNOW: Andrew Crillz

Andrew Crillz rap artist

Rapper/Song Writer/Engineer, Andrew Crillz is a 28 year old artist representing Jersey City, New Jersey by way of Vancouver, BC. Crillz's first musical love was rock n roll, and included bands like ACDC, Metallica, The Sex Pistols, 1-800 and Type O Negative. He was first introduced to hip hop in 1996, when he heard Tupac Shakur. Pac opened up an entirely new world for Crillz, in which he immediately fell in love with.

Later, Crillz was introduced to Eminem and the whole Aftermath camp, who became some of his biggest musical inspirations. He has always had a passion for music and poetry as they have been the most constant support factors in his life, aside from his family and friends. In 2012 Crillz's and his close friend at Rutgers University formed a creative culture group, named Substance Over Surface.

As the main artist for S.O.S, he released his first mixtape titled "My Portrait" on The mixtape was well recieved by many, including friends back at home in Canada. Since then, Crillz has been perfecting his craft, featuring on tracks with local artists, dropping freestyles, performing at local venues in NYC such as Club Pyramid, Blue Room Lounge, and more.

He continues to bless his fans with hard hitting singles while showing respect for the culture and the art form, which is apparent in his new Hip-hop infused EDM track titled, "Turn It." Crillz's very distinct, deep, raspy voice, prolific word play and gritty flows are meshed well in "Turn It." It is currently available on Itunes, Spotify, Tidal and all other music streaming/download services. Crillz plans to drop his next single "Party Hard" as well as an EP later this year, which will give the listener an in depth look into who he is as an artist and individual.

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