Kinya, was born on July 8th in Washington D.C. She grew up listening to influential artists such as Aaliyah and TLC. At a young age, she grew an interests in the arts writing poetry, drawing sketches, and most of all writing song. Her grandmother convinced her to join the choir at her local church at age 7 where she began singing. Kinya moved to Maryland at 14 and continued writing music in which she recorded her first song in her basement with an old microphone in desktop computer. She went on to attend college for a short amount of time. But due to financial hardships, Kinya left school sophomore year and continued to pursue developing her craft as a musician. From then on, she started incorporating a rapping style similar to left eye and used both singing and rapping to create the "Lady K" sounds of hypnotizing doo-wop harmonies and distinct cadence. She is set to release her debut EP this year.

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