GET TO KNOW: Meanr Mynr

Meanr Mynr is a Denver-based guitarist and producer that is bringing together the best of live and electronic music. Listeners liken his sounds to Led Zeppelin and The Glitch Mob.

Picking up the guitar at the late age of 18 and production much later, he was largely inspired by his peers to make the music he loved.

Initially self-taught, Meanr Mynr would go on to learn everything from classical performance to heavy rock and improv from the greatest guitar instructors in Colorado.

Meanr Mynr started his career as a session bassist/guitarist for Colorado hip-hop and indie acts and later formed the band "Infinite Exactitude"- a largely progressive rock band.

While living with TKettle, he would grow to love the electronic, production and engineering side of music. After dedicating some time to learning in these areas, his producing and engineering chops matched his guitar playing. This created the perfect launch pad for a new sound the world had never heard before.

Newer sounds from the likes of Flying Lotus and Pretty Lights inspired him to go for a new sound that would resurrect guitar playing and give listeners a new type of music that fit the dance floor and everyday life.

On and off the stage, Meanr Mynr strives to bring people to Jesus Christ and show them a most excellent way that abandons the "holy roller" philosophy and presents Christianity in a positive light.

Be sure to listen to his tracks on Soundcloud and make sure to see him live at least once as this is a musician that fails to disappoint.

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