GET TO KNOW: Natty Dread Rasun

Natty Dread Rasun is an independent reggae fusion artist based in Louisville, Ky with a universal soul. He is available for live shows, features, interviews and motivational speaking and has gained major exposure exploiting other independent businesses using careful marketing and product placement. He is sponsored by Levo Audio (UK based headphone company), Islestylekicks (NY based shoe company, Roots Organics (organic farming company & dispensary in Oregon) and many more to come in 2017. Natty Dread Rasun can be reached at: []

In Fall 2016 Natty Dread Rasun released his première mixtape/album titled "Natty Dread" (Rise Up), produced by his in house producer Caliando On Da riddim, who is a native born Jamaican. This mixtape/album is available exclusively on Datpiff, Reverbnation,, Mixtapefactory, Spotify, and was nominated on Entertainment Weekly and said to be "Life to a dying hiphop music industry" says Daniel Ek at Spotify.

In recent weeks Natty Dread Rasun and his team have been promoting his craft to major reggae blogs and magazines such as RiddimUp, Reggaelizeit, and XXL. It is said that he will be featured on this years 2017 edition of XXL for independent artists. Natty Dread Rasun currently has two singles set to be released majorly in 2017. The 1st single is titled "I Ah Boss" and will be promoted heavily in the states and speaks out against police brutality and the dirty ways of Babylon. The 2nd single titled "Natty Dread Love", will be pushed in the Caribbean islands and emphasizes love and life appreciation.

In a nut shell, Natty Dread Rasun's overall mission is to gain as much exposure as possible for easy access to the masses and to liberate the minds of many who are brainwashed to the current vatican capitalist system which the world is currently facing. Music is just one small stepping stone to a bigger picture to liberate humanity and cleanse the earth. Help us along our journey and join the fight to truly overcome physical and mental enslavement of melanated peoples of the planet and ensure a better tomorrow. "As iman sey peace and blessings, who jah bless no man curse. Jah live children! Ase

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