GET TO KNOW: Savan DePaul

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Savan DePaul is a young experimental hip hop artist, electronic producer, visual artist, and poet from Pennsylvania.  One of the most eccentric and eclectic new musicians in hip hop, DePaul began making music in late 2014 at the age of 16.  Since then, he has created several solo projects as well as numerous collaborative records.  Branching out from verbose battle raps to jazzy glitch hop to stream-of-consciousness triphop to ambient soundscapes to indie film scores, Savan DePaul's range of musical development spans multiple genres and disciplines.

His latest project, Sketchpad, is a loose concept record and a foray into his own mental state, in addition to commenting on critics and modern sexual culture.  These messages are weaved through some of the weirdest and most diverse psychedelic trip hop/electrorap beats of any hip hop album to date.


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