GET TO KNOW: Ryan Summers

Ryan Summers has produced music under various projects for almost two decades.  He's produced permutations of rave, trance, rock, folk, but recently decided to try his hand at ambient music.  This new direction was intended as a form of therapy after his struggles with insomnia.

Ryan creates lush soundscapes that sound alien, yet organic, through the process of re-amping digital synths in real spaces.  A touch of micro-tonal experimentation may interest the avant-garde aficionado as well.  His work, tending towards the hypnotic, can be used as 'functional music' for relaxing activities such as sleep or study.

Some of his influences include Aphex Twin, Loscil, Grouper, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Brian Eno, and La Monte Young.

Ryan's new album is titled "F51.01", named after the ICD-10 code (a coding system used in the medical profession) for insomnia.  "F51.01" is a digital-only release and is available on Spotify and Apple Music. 

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