GET TO KNOW: Space Motel

Space Motel was formed in 2007 as an outlet to craft the musical notions of Jim Muro, Willie Myette, Zach Paquette and Nate Davignon. Space Motel recorded their first album "Departure" between 2008-2012, and was officially released in 2015. Upon the debut of Departure the band started its journey recording their second album "Arrival", which hit the streets on February 1st, 2017.  

Space Motel has a revolving list of talented guest artists that collaborate in the studio and on stage.  This list includes: Mike Baez (of On the Drop), Eric "Benny" Bloom (of Lettuce, Pretty Lights, Soul Live), Grayson Farmer (of Jazz Farmers, Mighty Sam McLain, Soul Shot), Rob Hanna (of Moi, The Dub Room), Steve Malec (of The Electric Flood), Shane Manzi (of Fungus Amungus, Electric Church), Frank Moniz (of The Agents, Shoul Shot, Frankie Ranks), Lon E Plynton (of The Mystic Jammers) and Garrett Shider (of Parliament Funkadelic).

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